Jaipur Cycle Tour

The Morning Cycle Tour, also known as Pedal to Heritage, is one of our signature activities in Jaipur. Exploring Jaipur's historical culture and architecture on a bike is a fascinating way to do it.

Our cycling journey begins at the walled city, traditionally referred to as "Parkota" in the local tongue. We will look at the main streets, which are lined with colorful houses made of terra cotta. The atmosphere as a whole seems calming and pleasant. If you have an eye for details, the unhurried trip also enables you to appreciate its architectural style.

cycling while discovering the mysteries that this ancient, mysterious city contains. You can only enjoy this luxury during your early-morning bicycle tour of Jaipur. When the town awakens later, the area will be crowded with busy vehicles.

During this three-hour Jaipur cycle tour, our knowledgeable lead explorer will present you with the different delights and wonders of the walled city and attempt to answer your questions on the culture, heritage, architecture, religion, cuisine, and everyday life of "Jaipurites."

The theme of your cycling trip is to provide you with a conventional view of how the morning unfolds in the stunning and ancient city of Jaipur.


Lover of food: Taste some of Jaipur's best cuisine. Ride your bike to some of the most popular and well-regarded eateries to experience restaurants like a native. The restaurants are top-notch. They are renowned for the natural skill with which they prepare delicacies. They provide a description of the vibrant cuisine scene in Pink City. This gives you the vital energy you need for the morning cycling trip of the pink city.

For those who have a wanderlust: Get on a bike and ride around the historic Havelis (Private Mansions) and holy Temples within the streets of the walled city of Jaipur like a Jaipurite. Join the worshippers in the palace temples for the morning prayers.

Unusual experience: An adventure cycling tour of Jaipur where you see things that you may otherwise miss. We have the opportunity to begin the day the way a Jaipurite does each morning.


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