Himalayas Cycling Tour


Himalayas Cycling Tour

Pedalling around some of the highest peaks and the most surreal destinations is a natural retreat one could ever wish for.The excellent vantage point at the snow-clad mountains and mystics are often on the bucket list of biking enthusiasts travelling across India. The spectacular moments at some of the highest motorable passes on earth make it a journey of mind, body, and soul. To immerse into the fascinating counterpoint of Indian Himalayas travel with Cyclomania In India. We have years of expertise in crafting the most thoughtful itineraries that enable bikes to encounter the complex diversity of truly incredible India at their own pace. From nature and culture to serenity and spirituality, everything can be witnessed on the mystical cycling tour of the Indian Himalayas.

The sheer beauty of the Himalayan mountain range covers 9 out of 10 highest peaks on the face of the earth. The sheer adventure for mountaineers and biking enthusiasts includes the diversified landscape of 12 Indian states and union territories. The Zanskar Range and the Ladakh range fascinate most of the tourists and are often part of the adventure map for bikers. Apart fromthe breath-taking scenery along the way, these passes are mostly preferred due to the strikingly high altitudes and secluded routes with challenging hairpin bends. The remote locations of this region are still ripe for an expedition. Blooming rhododendrons and cultural interactions are framed by the backdrop of ancient monasteries making this region unforgettable. Exploring the secluded peaks can put your physical and mental strength to the test.

The dramatic Zanskar valley, the mesmerizing Manali-Leh passes, or a peaceful moment amidst the wildflower meadows can be encountered best when you choose Cyclomania in India. We have guided thousands of tourists to create lifetime memories in the rugged and remote regions of the mighty Himalayas. Some of these bikes trips are designed to get up close to the awe-inspiring mountain vistas, while a few itineraries include back-to-back pedalling at secluded locations at strikingly high altitudes. From beginners to experienced bikers, everyone can find an itinerary that suits their interests and fitness level. Regardless of the difficulty level that you choose for a bike trip in the Indian Himalayan region, surreal and memorable experiences are guaranteed.

The adrenaline kicking immersive experience includes a biking holiday at Ladakh and Spiti. It involves witnessing the enchanting views of the trans-Himalayan region. The trip begins from quaint little hill stations like Shimla and Manali and progresses towards the most challenging routes that are best to savour some unrivalled views of majestic mountain peaks. Guides trained in the wilderness would take you through the highest motorable passes and trails that link some of the ancient Buddhist monasteries perched atop the height of more than 5000 meters. The natural splendour at snowy peaks and isolated trails of Ladakh is considered among the most challenging and unforgettable bike trips in India. Our experienced guides make sure to craft an itinerary that you would surely return to admire the serenity of majestic mountains in India.

The great Himalayan region boasts many high peaks and regions which are secluded most of the time due to the harsh climatic conditions. That doesn’t mean you can’t encounter the enchanting views if you are not up for the mental and physical strength tests. We do have options for some moderate biking itineraries where beginners can also soak in the snow-laden beauty of the Indian Himalayas. The less-strenuous bike tours include biking across the charismatic and colourful states of Uttarakhand and Sikkim that offer exceptional view points to savour the unrivalled views of splendid peaks like Nanda Devi (7817m) and Kanchenjunga (8586m). Featuring a subtropical climate, Sikkim bike rides are noticeably contrasting to the dramatic cold desert at Ladakh. The diverse geography here offers some of the most preferable bike routes. On this route, you can explore the most hidden gems of North-eastern India on rather easy and completely levelling bike trails.

Easy-breezy bike trails or the tough and challenging routes, whatever you choose to witness the spectacular beauty of the Indian Himalayas, Cyclomania in India has the perfect itineraries to satiate the explorer in you. Go through the options listed below and sign up to create lifetime memories in front of the beguiling phalanx of the Himalayas.

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