Jodhpur Cycle Tour


The cycling tour of the Bishnoi track is designed to showcase the rural lifestyle of the sturdy desert dwelling communities of western Rajasthan including the famous Bishnoi community. This nature worshiping community has been preserving the Flora and Fauna for past 550 years and is evident in the free roaming wildlife such as Blue bulls, Black bucks etc. that we will see as we cycle through this track. Another fine spot is the beautiful Guda Bishnoi lake which is a haven for bird watching during the winter months as it hosts many migratory birds. We stop for refreshments and bird watching at this lake where we serve Hi-Tea before proceeding further.

Further down the road we stop by at the hutment of one of the Bishnoi community family to get a glimpse of their lifestyle. We will then cycle to our next destination that is the Durry or Rug weaving community to experience this impressive handicraft that has been passed over generations in this community. Our final destination before we end the cycling tour will be at the Poetry makers to see the fascinating talent through which a clump of clay turns into many forms. Here we also invite you to try your own hands at making clay pots on the age old Potter's wheel - a truly fun way to end a fun day!!


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